College of Science Core Curriculum Requirements

The College of Science core curriculum was redesigned in 2007 to provide students with greater flexibility in developing scientific as well as professional knowledge and skills. The core curriculum therefore supports six outcomes important to a College of Science education. Interested students may learn more about the planning process that led to the development of the 2007 core curriculum and the six outcomes necessary to achieving a College of Science degree.

College of Science Core Curriculum Requirements previous to 2007

Students who began their degree programs before Fall, 2007 may choose to complete their current curriculum or to pursue the 2007 core curriculum.

College of Science Core Curriculum

All Students starting Purdue University Fall semester, 2007 or later are required to pursue this core curriculum.

The College of Science Core Curriculum requires the completion of approved coursework and/or experiential learning opportunities in the following academic areas:

 No Count Course List - please consult this list for courses that may not be used to meet degree requirements in the College of Science.

 Earning Core Curricular Requirements through Experience

Students may meet selected core curriculum requirements through approved experiential learning opportunities*. Interested students should contact their academic advisor for more information on this option and incorporating experiential learning into their four-year program of study. For more information on earning requirements through experience, please click here.