CODO Information

A Change of Curricula (CODO) occurs when a Purdue West Lafayette student requests to transfer to a program in another college or school in the University. To prepare for a successful CODO, students should review and meet the requirements which have been set forth by the College of Science for their program of interest. CODO requirements vary within the College and may not be appealed.

Step 1:

Work closely with your academic advisor in your current college/school in the selection and completion of coursework that will meet the CODO requirements of the program you would like to pursue in the College of Science.  Your current college/school will need to sign your CODO application form.

Step 2:

Meet with a Science advisor during CODO walk-in time during your CODO process to review degree requirements and to plan for a successful CODO. The CS department requires completion of an online CODO process prior to a CODO meeting.

Step 3:

Submit the CODO application form signed by your current college/school AND the College of Science CODO Information Form (NOTE: these forms are fillable PDF forms.  If you cannot fill in your information online, you may want to try a different browser) to the College of Science Undergraduate Education Office in MATH, Room 231 to start the CODO process.

 The following resources will help you in navigating the CODO Process:


Requests to Change Programs within the College of Science

The University CODO process is not employed when a College of Science student requests consideration for another program in the college. When this occurs, College CODO requirements for the requested program are applied to determine if a change of program may be approved.