Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Climate & Extreme Weather

This program seeks to understand and predict the physical and statistical behavior of extreme weather and climate events.

Atmosphere-Surface Interaction

Knowledge of the mechanisms governing atmosphere-surface interactions is essential to our understanding of both modern and geologic record and will permit us to speculate about how perturbations to the earth system are potentially mitigated or amplified by feedbacks within that system.

Geodynamics & Active Tectonics

The Geology and Geophysics group at Purdue focuses on the dynamics of the processes that shape our planet, from the motion of tectonic plates, the development of mountain ranges and oil-bearing sedimentary basins, to the triggering of earthquakes.

Planetary Research

NASA's continuing exploration of the planetary system has created many opportunities for the investigation of the geology of new worlds, from tiny cometary nuclei to giant planets in other solar systems.