Seeing a College of Science Academic Advisor

College of Science students are assigned to an advisor in their department who will be their guide and mentor assisting them in:

• Understanding the value and impact of the academic advising relationship on their overall success and ability to navigate and take full advantage of their university experience.

• Identifiying academic, personal and career aspirations that set the foundation for a successful undergraduate experience and future graduate and/or professional life.

• Developing a four-year plan of study that meets their curriculuar, co-curricular and extracurricular goals.

• Identifying campus and community resources that support personal well-being, academic success and the development of professional skills.

• Developing realistic semester-by-semester course plans that support high academic performance and on-time degree progression.

• Understanding University and College policies and how they mold and impact their university experience.

Students are encouraged to requently contact their advisors throughout their time in the College of Science. Contact information may be found at CoS Advising Offices

Advising Policy for Students wishing to pursue Non-College of Science Programs

Two Semester Policy:

Students who enter the College of Science with immediate plans to pursue a Non-Science academic program will have two semesters of advising and PIN releases to meet CODO requirements in their intended program. If CODO requirements are not met by the end of their first year, students will be required to request a CODO to the College of Liberal Arts while they continue to pursue their degree goals.

Four Semester Policy:

Students who pursue a College of Science curriculum but who later determine that they would like to puruse an alternate program outside of the College will have four semesters to successfully CODO. A request may be made for approval of the 5th Semester Advising Policy if a student is close to CODO'ing and has provided course recommendations from an advisor in their intended program. 

Advising Appointment Options

Scheduled Advising Appointments

Students are invited to schedule 30-minute appointments with their assigned advisors:

• To register for Fall/Spring semesters, Summer terms

• For in-depth advising questions

• For academic/degree planning, graduate/professional school planning and career development

• To discuss and receive support in addressing personal and academic challenges

• For general questions and concerns

You must be on time for scheduled appointments. If you arrive later than 5 minutes after your appointment start time, your advisor may ask you to reschedule.

Make an Appointment with your advisor 

Walk-in Appointments

Walk-in appointments may be used to drop/add courses, resolve scheduling conflicts, complete paperwork and to address time-sensitive questions. They are:

• available for quick questions and therefore are held to 15 minutes per visit.

• scheduled on a first come, first served basis and therefore, students are not guartenteed to see their advisor during scheduled walk-in times if the number of students to be seen is greater than the time that has been scheduled.

• used when a student has time during and after the walk-in period as signing up to see an advisor during walk-ins often involves a wait period.

• an oportunity for students to see their assigned advisor only. If their advisor is unavailable and there is an immediate time-sensitive matter, another advisor will be asked to meet with a student.

Before visiting your advising office for a walk-in appointment, check walk-in times. Times are updated the Friday before the following week. Note: walk-in times ARE subject to change without notice.

Students wishing to CODO or minor in College of Science

There are specific times designated for each COS program which may be found on the Non-College of Science Walk-in Schedule. Before you come to speak with an advisor about a CODO, please review the College of Science CODO requirements for your intended program.