Science Women for Purdue

The Science Women for Purdue (SWFP) started in 2005 after the successful launch of "Women for Purdue" (WFP), an initiative to encourage and celebrate women's leadership in giving to Purdue.  The educational programs presented by WFP have cultivated future generations of volunteers and philanthropists for the university and for their communities.

Science Women for Purdue is an organization that provides opportunities for women to grow as organizational and philanthropic leaders for the College of Science. There are a number of ways you can get involved.

Science Women for Purdue provides meaningful programs and events designed to foster active engagement with members of the College of Science community. These programs and events bring women together to share common experiences and open the lines of communication among alumnae, students, and friends.Fostering Engagement

Directing the Future

Encouraging and celebrating women’s philanthropy is key to the Science Women for Purdue purpose. Through the Science Women for Purdue Giving Circle, alumnae and friends have the opportunity to give together and participate in the philanthropic decision-making process with others who are equally committed to life-long learning.

The Science Women for Purdue helps provide the education and encouragement needed for women to become philanthropic leaders within the College of Science, Purdue University and the world.

Staying Informed

Would you like to share the Science Women for Purdue with other College of Science alumnae in your community'?  If you would like to host a gathering, please contact Elizabeth Thompson at

For more information, please contact:

Elizabeth Thompson
Director of Development