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Student Resources

Student Resource List from Purdue's Academic Advising Department 

Tutoring Information from the Student Success Center

Chemistry Undergraduate Programs

Purdue Catalog Homepage



Digital Education Toolkit


myPurduePlan (MPP) and the Student Educational Planner (SEP)

Planning on changing your major (CODO) or adding an additional major?

  • Be sure you are aware of the requirements to do so. See Purdue's CODO page to find the requirements to CODO into any department.

Probation policy

PROBATION = semester OR cumulative GPA <2.0

If you are already on Probation and your:

  • cumulative GPA is < 2.0 and semester GPA is ≥ 2.0 = PROBATION
  • semester GPA is < 2.0 and cumulative GPA is ≥ 2.0 = PROBATION
  • semester AND cumulative GPA < 2.0 = DROPPED

GPA Calculator (includes retakes)

Are you planning on applying for Graduate School? 


  • Avoid using symbols like + % $ @ & in your passwords! This can cause your myPurduePlan to not open.

  • Be on time for your appointments - when you are late, you cause each appointment after you to be late.

  • Include your first and last name in your emails. Including your PUID can also be helpful.

  • Once you have used your Registration PIN in myPurdue each semester, it is stored in myPurdue under "Registration PIN" on the Academic Tab.