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Michelle Redmond

Michelle Redmond

College of Science
Majors: Math, MAED, Statistics, Actuarial Science

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The greatest satisfaction I receive in life is helping and encouraging others. As an advisor, I believe you must have a genuine regard and respect for students. If through every word and action you help build confidence into a student, I believe the student will recognize their own personal and educational potential. With this potential, a student can reach their goals and possibly discover new ones.

As for my life, I grew up in New Jersey, and I have lived in six states. I received my BFA in Film/Television from New York University (New York City). I have a MA in Mass Communication from Bowling Green State University (Ohio). I have worked in television as a news reporter and producer. My greatest passion is working in higher education, and I have taught communication classes for ten years. I currently teach Purdue freshmen orientation courses. I am married and have two daughters (one daughter in college and one daughter, married and in graduate school), a cat and a very loud and little Min Pin dog. I like to attend church, take walks, read in coffee shops and spend time with my friends and family. 

My Clifton Strengths are: Connectedness, Developer, Positivity, Belief, Empathy

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Office: YONG 6th Floor
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