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Academic Announcements

Did you know?  There is a COM Help Room in BRNG 235.

I would like to inform you that this summer the School of Languages and Culture will be offering more courses. If your students need to fulfill a language or humanities requirement for the core, this summer might be a great opportunity to do so.  We will be offering courses in American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, Classics, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

EAPS 32700 is approved to meet the teaming requirement for Spring, 2019. The On-line version is not approved for teaming.  

Great Issues Courses for Spring 2019













EAPS 37500



Great Issues Fossil Fuels, Energy and Society

TR 1:30-2:45

No pre-req

EAPS 37500



Great Issues Fossil Fuels, Energy and Society

TR 10:30-11:45








EAPS 32700 



Climate Science and Society

TR 12-1:15

JR or SR classification







POL 32700



Global Green Politics

MWF 12:30-1:20

No pre-req

POL 32700



Global Green Politics

MWF 10:30-11:20

No pre-req

POL 32700



Global Green Politics

TR 9-12:20/starts March 4

No pre-req


EAPS 37500:  Prosperity of the 20th century was based on abundant and cheap energy; during the 21st century we will be faced with difficult challenges. Our society will face higher energy prices, decline of petroleum based fuels supplies, increased environmental effects of fossil fuels usage, and the challenge of solving the technological problems of developing alternative fuels. This course will review the structure, economics, and geopolitical issues faced by fossil fuel industries and the mitigation strategies that will be needed to change to low fossil fuel use society based on low polluting renewable energy sources.

 EAPS 32700: This course will examine the broad problems of climate change by examining the relationship between science, politics, and society by using climate change as a lens through which to examine larger issues. Students will be encouraged to identify similar themes in their own experiences as emerging scientists, engineers and global leaders. Adequate preparation to write essays and perform basic arithmetic calculations needed. Prior knowledge of climate change science is not necessary.

 POL 32700: Analysis and assessment of the nature of global environmentalism, its connections with other new social movements, and its impact on domestic and international politics worldwide, with particular attention to green political parties and nongovernmental organizations

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Actuarial Science program will be a participant in the Data Mine.  The Data Mine is a Learning Community that introduces students to Data Science and allows students to explore the intersection of Data Science and their major.  Obviously, there is a huge intersection between Actuarial Science and Data Science.  During the next three weeks, we will hold information sessions for interested students.   6pm in the C102 Lounge in Hillenbrand Hall on Thursday, September 20 or Wednesday, September 26 or Tuesday, October 2.
The actuarial portion of the Learning Community will consist of 50 students (out of 800) who will all live in Hillenbrand Hall.  Our 50 students will be on a floor of Hillenbrand Hall together.  (To participate in this Learning Community, you must live in Hillenbrand Hall next year.) We are targeting current freshman (who will be sophomores) next year for the actuarial portion of the Data Mine, but it is also open to current sophomores or juniors if you are interested. Students will take one or two actuarial science classes together each semester.  Additionally, we will have a two or three hours of courses each semester that will cover data science for actuarial students. These course will involve working with real data provided by local insurance companies.  Additionally, we anticipate you will also interact directly with actuaries from the companies providing the data.   There will also be opportunities to interact with leaders in the Data Science field, practicing actuaries who use Data Science on a regular basis, and the faculty from the Actuarial Program.

The Data Mine: Part of the Integrative Data Science Initiative Over 18 living, learning communities that take shared courses and collaborate on data-driven research projects The Data Mine incorporates the successful elements of learning communities. It blends learning, research, and professional development. In 2019-20, The Data Mine will have almost 800 students, organized into roughly 18 cohorts, ranging from 23-100 students each, all living in Hillenbrand Hall. Renovations include on-site faculty office hours, and collaboration spaces for student work. Undergraduate students from all years (first-year through senior year) are welcome to participate. See reverse side for brief descriptions of The Data Mine Learning Communities. Important Dates October 1: Application will go live: • Rolling placement process • Decisions within 10 business days November 30: Majority of the placements are expected to be completed by Thanksgiving. January 31: Application for current (continuing) students closes. (We strongly encourage students to apply as early as possible during the fall semester.) All participating students must contract for a housing space in Hillenbrand Hall. Contacts Please send student inquiries to: Dr. Mark Daniel Ward Director, The Data Mine Professor of Statistics Dr. Jonathan Manz Associate Director of Residential Academic Initiatives

STATISTICS HELP ROOM HOURS:  file:///C:/Users/sdunderm/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/VGAP7VWT/StatHelpRoom.pdf

FREE Evening Science Help CenterCOSINE (College of Science Instructional Nightly Enrichment) is a FREE tutoring program to help students succeed in first year science courses.  COSINE offers event tutoring right in your own backyard.  Our goal is to help you develop problem-solving skills needed to do your homework.  Please visit one of our locations for assistance. In the Shreve Hall University Residences Support Center, Room C107Monday and Wednesday – 7:30-10 pmTuesday and Thursday – 6-9 pm

Academic Success Center (ASC) NEWS
NEW WEBSITE + APP | After a great 6 year run, the BoilerGuide app has retired. Students can now find information about SI sessions, academic resources, and more on the new PurdueGuide app. PurdueGuide is available as a free download on the Apple App and Google Play stores.  The ASC has also updated our website. You can now find us online at Please make sure to update any browser bookmarks or links that you use or share with students.
PEER SUCCESS COACHING PROGRAM | The Peer Success Coaching program offers undergraduate students additional support and accountability as they work toward academic, social, and/or personal goals during the semester. Trained peer leaders work 1-on-1 with students to develop strategies, skills, and solutions as they aim for their definition of success. Students can apply for a PSC online at Contact the ASC for more information.
SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION PROGRAM | The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program provides students with interactive, peer-led study sessions for challenging Purdue courses. You can view the SI session schedule online or through the new PurdueGuide app. Sessions will continue to be held across campus; all SI Leaders’ office hours will be held in WILY C215. Individual student SI session attendance can be found on a student’s BoilerConnect profile in the Reports/Notes tab under Recent Visits to the Student Success Support Centers.

CONSULTATIONS | Students can get tailored support on study strategies, time management, test-taking strategies, and other academic success topics in a 1-on-1 meeting with an academic consultant. Students can sign up for a consultation through BoilerConnect or by visiting the ASC. Advisors can also refer the student to the ASC through the BoilerConnect by clicking “Issue an Alert.” An ASC staff member will reach out to the student, keeping the advisor in the loop throughout the entire process.

MA 35300 has been replaced by MA 35301 (for Spring 2019 forward).  For more information on MA 35301, please see

Are you interested in making friends from around the world?  Are you interested in increasing your marketability by improving your intercultural competence?  Do you enjoy learning about other cultures AND sharing things about your own culture? Would you be willing to mentor a new College of Science student (freshman, transfer or exchange)?   Follow this link for more information:                                                                            

The UCAP has approved a three-course culture course option for the Foreign Language and Culture Requirement for the College of Science.  Contact your academic advisor for more details.

Info about programming languages in STAT courses can be found at:  

Systems Certificates - Purdue Systems Collaboratory is offering two certificates in Fall 2018 (awaiting final ICHE processing)

  • Certificate in Systems for undergraduate students
  • Graduate Certificate in Systems suited for graduate students or continuing education professionals

The programs that are designed for undergraduate and graduate students across all majors are a response to the need for a new generation of leaders with holistic perspective, who can address the most challenging and complex problems of today’s societies. Purdue graduates have continuously made technological breakthroughs, developed innovative products, created timeless designs, and discovered better ways to feed the world. It is time to pioneer the education of scientists, economists, engineers, designers, and humanitarians who are also systems thinkers; future leaders who can see the hidden interconnections between different elements of a system and turn the spotlight on the role of humans in these systems.

Both certificate programs are administered through the Office of the Provost and is governed by the PSC Educational Committee representing different Purdue colleges. Students must maintain a C- or higher in certificate-related courses. Upon completion of certificate and Purdue degree requirements, students will receive an official certificate, which is also recorded on their academic transcript. The three SYS courses in the programs had been previously offered cross-listed in the different variations between Fall 2014 and Spring 2018. If a student has completed any of these courses, the course can be counted towards fulfillment of the certificate requirements. For the list of the course details click here.

There is now a Advance Credit exam for CS 15900 which could meet the College of Science computing requirement.   If you are interested and you are aware that students who typically succeed at passing the exam, have at least 3 months of experience in the C programming language, (experience in related programming languages will not be sufficient) - you should contact your academic advisor for more information.

PHYS 172 D is a first semester calculus-based physics course that is taught in an online format at Purdue University. The course meets the same requirements as PHYS 172 and can be taken in place of the face-to-face PHYS 172 course. It will use the same text as the face-to-face version of PHYS 172, but various course materials – lectures, homework, labs, recitations, and exams will be different from the face-to-face course. All of the course materials will be distributed online through Blackboard Learn website for the course.

Text reminders via BoilerConnect (appointment reminders, etc.) will start pulling from a new area in MyPurdue.  If you wish to continue to received texts from your advisor, the Registrar, etc.  PLEASE update your cell phone: Students can log into the myPurdue Portal;  click on Academics and then Personal Information to add their cell phone.

NOTE:  Spring 2017 and forward, ENGL 211 at Ivy Tech will NOT be equivalent to ENGL 42100 at Purdue.

Free Tutoring from the College of Science.

Are you interested in making friends from around the world?  Are you interested in increasing your marketability by improving your intercultural competence?

Do you enjoy learning about other cultures AND sharing things about your own culture?  Would you be willing to mentor a new College of Science student (freshman, transfer or exchange)?   Global Partners are Purdue College of Science student leaders who work to create a  comfortable and safe                 environment in which entering students can individually and collectively “find their feet”  in the Purdue community.  These partners provide new students with the tools and knowledge they need to start their college career, and aid them throughout their transitions as first-year students in the College of Science at Purdue University.  The Global Partners program is also dedicated to enhancing cross-cultural understanding and to helping all students involved to expand their knowledge of cultures other than their own.   Join us for the 2017/18 school year for monthly dinners, trips and activities (free for you!)
that are designed to help you learn about other cultures……..while having fun!
To sign up for Global Science Partners, please follow this link: 

Confused by all the acronyms and names on campus?  This sheet may help!

NOTE:  STAT majors cannot use STAT 11300, STAT 30100 for credit.  Students should check with their advisor about taking 500 level courses not listed on the plan of study.

Students can give parents, legal guardians, or other trusted parties access to view certain pieces of their student information online. This access is referred to as proxy access, and the person who is granted this authorization is called a myPurdue proxy. The student controls the entire process through their myPurdue Portal, and can add anyone with a valid email address as a proxy.  More information.

MyPurduePlan video- Planner

MATH Course Offering Plan:

MA 42500 - Fall Only
MA 46000 - Fall Only, MAED Only
MA 42800 - Spring Only
MA 27900 - Usually Fall Only Even Years, but depends on faculty availability

Opportunity Announcements

Living With Loss Wednesday, December 5th 7:00 to 8:00pm BRNG 3119 No Sharing Required Open to All Hosted by Dr. Heather Servaty-Seib and the Grief and Loss Team.  With the holiday season coming, grieving your losses can be additionally challenging. Come join us for an information session to learn about grief responses and coping strategies

RP HOST CALLOUT INFORMATION  Rising Professionals, an Old Masters program, will be hosting their Fall Host Callout November 29th from 7-8 pm in Rawls 1082!
Come out to see what you can bring to the Rising Professionals Program and how you can grow in your early collegiate career!  Purdue Rising Professionals program exists to unite distinguished young Purdue alumni with underclassmen to inspire the pursuit of the full Boilermaker experience. Built as part of the Purdue Old Masters program, the Rising Professionals program looks for individuals who have achieved early career success. Each year, a panel of student leaders at Purdue will select a group of individuals who embody qualifications of extraordinary career and life experiences, well-rounded accomplishments, and involvement during their time at Purdue.

Academic Success Center will be hosting a series of workshops to help prepare students for finals. The goal of these workshops is to provide students with an opportunity to get a few tips and tricks under their belts to prepare for upcoming finals. We will be hosting the workshop on three separate occasions:


ten-week summer internship opportunity in the Marine Physical Laboratory (MPL) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, in La Jolla, California. I have attached a flyer for your review and copied the job listing below — please forward / use in any ways that would best get the word out., including even posting hard copies on building bulletin boards in your area!

Our internship program is a great opportunity for inquisitive and motivated undergraduate students with exceptional aptitude for quantitative science majoring in Oceanography, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology to work with some of the most notable scientists in the world while earning a modest salary. 
UCSD is an equal opportunity employer, with a strong institutional commitment to excellence through diversity.
More information can be found on our website, where we will be accepting applications through 4 p.m. Pacific time on January 18, 2019. If you have any questions please contact me.

As of Monday, November 5th, CAPS will be launching new web and application based tool to assist students in addressing their mental health and wellness needs.  WellTrack ( provides an additional way for students to address challenges students face, whenever they like, and wherever they may be. It is available to all currently enrolled students at the West Lafayette campus. Students can access this tool by registering using their email address and logging in to the hosted site at: A student may reach this site also by going to CAPS’ homepage (, and clicking on the WellTrack button.  Students can also download the application, available for Android and Apple devices.  

Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ESS) Certificate
“The Certificate in Environmental and Sustainability Studies is a new, interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate administered by the Center for the Environment. The Certificate gives students working in multiple disciplines a broad exposure to how environmental and sustainability challenges and solutions are conceived, represented, and researched in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Agriculture, and STEM disciplines. The certificate introduces students to a wide range of environmental issues from diverse perspectives so that they can more effectively comprehend and evaluate today’s environmental and sustainability challenges.”

Purdue Language and Cultural Exchange (PLaCE) invites you to learn about Short Courses for English Language.
Beginning this semester (Fall 2018), PLaCE will offer Short Courses for international students who want

  • to improve their English language skills (including speaking, writing, and vocabulary), or
  • prepare for language-intensive events (such as publishing papers or presenting at conferences)
What are Short Courses? Short Courses are language classes that are designed for international students at Purdue. These courses provide undergraduate and graduate students high-quality, interactive classes to meet their English language needs and fit their schedule. They:
  • last for about 6 weeks (classes meet twice a week, with an optional individual conference with the instructor)
  • are non-credit-bearing (classes are not graded and do not appear on transcripts),
  • require no additional fees (costs are covered by international student fees)
  • are taught by PLaCE’s language instructors.
Visit our website for a detailed current schedule:
Email questions to

Purdue Systems Collaboratory -  Boshra Afra, PhD, Research and Education Director, Purdue Systems Collaboratory – presenting on Purdue Systems Collaboratory Certificate Program

  • New certificate program
  • Simple—systems like following a recipe
  • Complicated—systems like sending a rocket to the moon—a lot of coordination within the system
  • Learn lessons and come up with algorithms
    • Complex systems—systems that most importantly are hard to predict
    • Have emerging behavior
    • They involve a lot of interconnected elements
    • They have tipping points—financial crisis, revolutions—at a sudden event they collapse-hard to predict
    • When you have complex systems, there is a new set of problems
    • All of these problems require people to come from different areas
    • These are the problems that one field or one area of expertise will not come up with the solutions.
    • How system thinking is about bringing art & science together
    • Having these skills help people have a better comprehension about the work around them and work with people from different backgrounds.
    • There are a lot of companies looking for this new level of skills
    • In terms of research there is a gap with people with these types of skills
    • We have different offerings, different programs
      • Minimum required 15 credit units
      • Under the Office of Provost
      • Two are now in a university core curriculum
      • Required to do two selective courses
      • Between fall 2014 and last semester we had over 300 students take the course
      • Parallel program at graduate level.
      • Similar three courses
      • No pre-reqs for the required courses
      • As demand grows we can offer more frequent courses
      • Student would come to Purdue Systems Collaboratory for the admissions process.  The auditing part comes back to us. When they satisfy the 15 credit units we will report back to the Office of the Provost. We have faculty members from different colleges who oversee the educational offerings.  Every year we reach out to the different colleges to make sure these courses are relevant.
      • Some course names have slightly changed. If a student has already taken some of these courses, we can help them figure it out.

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE GLOBAL DIALOGUES PROGRAM - Attention:  College of Science sophomores, juniors and seniors
You are invited to apply for the College of Science Global Dialogues program. BEGINS 1/14 
Would you like to add value to your Purdue degree by transforming the ways you view yourself and the world?
Would you like to stand out from the crowd?
Would you like to improve your cross-cultural communication skills?
If any of these apply to you, Global Dialogues may be the program for you!
The Global Dialogues program will consist of eight dinner meetings (all on Mondays) and DINNER IS ON US!
The Program will also include a field trip to Chicago, a community service event, and more!

Check out our web page:

This opportunity is open to College of Science students only. For more information, contact Terry at:

Please share this worthwhile information with your students. We encourage the College of Science undergraduate students to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities for scholarships and research mentoring opportunities.

ATTENTION ALL FIRST YEAR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE STUDENTSNow that you have almost completed your first semester in the Purdue College of Science, it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone.Join us during the spring semester for monthly dinners, trips and activities (free for you!) that are designed to help you learn about other cultures……..while having fun!  To find out more about the Global Science Partnerships Learning Community, follow this link:       To join Global Science Partnerships Learning Community, please follow this link:   Or contact Terry Ham:   or 

Wellness Programs is starting a substance free mentor program for students either in recovery from alcohol and other drug use or those merely interested in maintaining a substance-free lifestyle at Purdue. The goal of this mentor program is to create a peer support network for students interested in this lifestyle and would like to build a stronger student community. We will have weekly meetings, social events, academic support, etc. 

Actuarial Science in the Data Mine
  • Are you majoring or interested in Actuarial Science?
  • Do you want to live and learn with your friends?
  • Do you want to get immersed to Data Science as it applies to Actuarial Science?
  • Do you want to develop a close working relationship with the Actuarial faculty?
If your answers are YES, then the Actuarial Science Learning Community is the right place for you!
Events and activities in learning community include
  • Collaborative coursework
  • Weekly dinners with learning community participants
  • Social gatherings with learning community members
  • Seminars by visiting speakers including practicing actuaries and data scientists
  • Meals with campus and community leaders
  • Game / recreation nights
  • Career and graduate school panels

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CONVERSATION HOUR Come meet with other international students to discuss and learn about how to manage experiences that may be unique to being an International Student I Some light refreshments and snacks will be provided I Location: Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering Room: 3109 Day/Time: Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:00 PM (weekly, starting August 29th ) Various Topics Including: Communication/Language and Academics Homesickness, Culture Shock, and Acculturation Maintaining Relationships and Making New Ones November 28th - End of Semester Study Break

The OUR and Purdue Libraries are partnering again to host the Undergraduate Research Seminar Series this semester. Sessions are held in HIKS G980D from 4:30-5:30pm. Upcoming sessions are:

March 5. Celebrate Purdue's Thinkers, Creators, & Experimenters - A project showcase where researchers show attendees what they are working on via models, demonstrations, activities, etc.

1:30-4:30pm :: Co-Rec

Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference - The annual research conference with awards for top student posters and oral presentations.
April 4 :: 1-4pm :: STEW 214 :: Oral Presentations
April 9 :: 9-4pm :: PMU Ballrooms :: Poster Symposium
Keep updated on upcoming events by subscribing through the OUR website

Do you love math and science? Tutoring opportunities available for Fall & Spring 2018-2019!

If you are interested in tutoring students in biology, chemistry, or math we need you!
You must be comfortable working 1:1 and with small groups.
Tutors earn $9 per hour.
Please click below to complete the application and upload your resume. Math and Science Tutor Application
Contact Think Summer @ if you have any questions.

Did you know?  STAT Job Postings are available at: and also others are posted on the 5th Floor of the MATH building by the elevators.  There are BS, MS, and PhD job postings listed.

Did you know the math department has a contest for students call the PROBLEM OF THE WEEK.  Check it out!

Need help preparing for interviews? Check out all the resources the Purdue CCO has to offer from Peer Mock Interview and Big Interview to our Core Series on the subject!

Homework and Tutoring program at Schuyler Avenue Wesleyan Church in Lafayette. We serve under privileged kids in the North End of Lafayette in a partnership with Vinton Elementary school to provide background checked and coached volunteers to help children in targets ways.  Our program has been a great success and we had a number of Purdue students volunteer throughout the first semester.  I would love if you could once again include our program in your announcements.  Right now we have more kids signed up than volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Shaina Patriquin at

Dress for success: Put on that business suit and get ready to network. Don't have a suit? Purdue's Career Closet is just for you! Click here to learn more!

Learning beyond the classroom


Scholarship/Grant/Financial Announcements


Study Abroad Callouts/Information/Scholarships

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life is seeking applicants for two financial awards for the 2019 – 2020 academic year.
The Charles O. McGaughey Leadership Award will be given in the amount of at least $2000 to multiple students (last year 6 students received the awards of $4000 each).
The Class of 1937 Scholarship will also be given to multiple students (last year 19 students received scholarships awards ranging from $1000 to $4000).
Both scholarships recognize undergraduate students for leadership and academic achievement. A more complete description of the scholarships can be found in the attachments.
Students may use these links to complete their applications (you may copy this link and send it to your students):
Charles O. McGaughey Leadership Award 2019-2020
Class of 1937 Scholarship 2019-2020

2019 Maymester in Tanzania Callout.  December 5 at 6pm in BRNG 3276 or November 5 BRNG 1242 at 6pm.  Pizza Provided.  

Introducing the College of Science spring break study abroad to Iceland— The Land of Fire and Ice. Trip Dates: March 8-16, 2019  Our world has never been smaller, and traveling is crucial to your education.  The itinerary will be a mix of culture, history, science, energy, education, hands-on activities, and yes, fun stuff too.  Highlights

  • Glacier Walk
  • doCODE Genetics-the Human Genome
  • Hellisheiði Geothermal Powerplant
  • Friðheimar Thermal Greenhouse
  • Tectonic Plates and Lava Beds
  • Lava Center Experience
  • Seljalandsfoss, Skogarfoss, & Gullfoss Waterfalls
  • Leiðarendi Cave
  • Þingvellir National Park
  • The Golden Circle Tour
  • Cooking Class-Cooking a Traditional Dish
  • Icelandic Music
  • Tour the City of Reykjavik
  • Settlement, National, and Viking Museums
  • Relax in the Blue Lagoon
  • View the Northern Lights (weather permitting)
  • And more

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and is much more than a trip.  We hope it’s the kind of learning experience you’ll talk about long after graduation.
Estimated cost is $4200.  Check out other details about the travel program on the Study Abroad website.  Registration and $500 deposit must be paid by November 1, 2018.
If you have questions, please contact Terry Ham at or Danielle Sheese at

Next Generation Hoosier Scholarships are for Indiana residents who promise to teach in Indiana in an eligible school – they get $7500/year for four years. If they don’t teach or leave before the five years, they have to repay the loan. Only 200 students state-wide are awarded this annually.

TEACH Grants are federally funded. They provide up to $4,000 annually for students who plan to teach in a high-need field in an under-resourced and under-served school/community and stay in teaching for at least four years. Like the prior grant, it converts to a loan if the person doesn’t fulfill the obligations.

College of Science has recently approved study abroad exchange with Bristol in the UK.  There is the possiblity of math coursework through this university if you go for the semester.  Please see a counselor in the Study Abroad Office in Young Hall 105.

Service, Volunteer, Community Opportunities

CCO Career Closet donations: men’s and women’s suits, blouses and dress shirts, dress pants, belts, ties, gently worn dress shoes (can also be delivered to YONG 132, 10 AM – 4 PM Monday-Friday)

The United Way of Greater Lafayette, Purdue Alumni Association and the Purdue United Way Campaign have partnered to increase volunteerism in Greater Lafayette. More than a hundred volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations ranging from health and human services to environmental and animal services are available to Purdue student, faculty and staff teams who would like to volunteer locally. These opportunities can be found at

We are currently expanding our collaboration with ACEFood Pantry.  Not only are we continuing our pop-up food pantry in the CoRec on Fridays from 10-3, but we are doing more cooking demonstrations with food pantries in the area. Recently, we led a food demonstration at the ACEpantry location featuring simple breakfast recipes for busy students with items that can be found at the pantry. The recipes could be made in bulk at the beginning of the week so that participants avoid skipping meals. In addition, the ACEPantry newsletter will include a nutrition section written by our graduate assistant Haley. If you?d like more information on the recipes, email Haley at

The Career Closet was recently featured in JC Online and is currently participating in a SHOE & TIE drive. Please share this email with others who may be interested in donating and print the flyer attached above if you'd like to place it on your door. We are open to receiving other professional items as well, but are currently in high need of shoes and ties. Items can be donated during normal business hours to Young Hall, 132. 

Apply to be a CARE Peer Education. Info and aplication online at .  CARE - Center for Advocacy, Response & Education.

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