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December 2022: Congratulations Eesha on your graduation and new job at Intel

November 2022: Welcome Ryan Gray, our first grad student from the Chemistry department

September 2022: Congratulations to Andrew Pranger for his Best Poster award at the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing’s Cyberinfrastructure Symposium

August 2022: Welcome Rose Wilfong, our new grad student joining us from Biological Sciences

August 2022: Dr. Metskas receives a 23 PAIR award from BioCrossroads

May 2022: Welcome to our new research technician, Tripti Bera, and our summer undergraduate student Andrew Pranger.  The lab is growing...

April 2022: Welcome to the first graduate student in the Metskas lab, Derik Randall Lovejoy, joining us from the Biological Sciences department!

January 2022: The carboxysome paper sees daylight:

January 2022: Welcome undergraduate researchers Eesha Deepak, Jianjun Lang and Lanqing Zhao!

January 2022: Dr. Metskas is awarded a New Innovators Award from NIAID.

August 2021: The Metskas Lab opens its doors.


Our group’s research focuses around functional protein ultrastructures, such as protein lattices involved in pathogen-host interaction. We use a mixture of structural biology, biophysics and chemistry to study these systems and design new experimental methods.