Math 266

MA 26600 031 52755 TTh 10:30 - 11:45, REC 227

Ordinary Differential Equations

Professor Maarten V de Hoop
OFFICE: Math 422
OFFICE PHONE: (765) 496-6439
OFFICE HOURS: Thursdays, 12:00-1:00 and by appointment (e-mail

Grader: Enchong Wang
Grader's E-MAIL:

TEXTBOOK 1: Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, by Boyce and DiPrima, 10th Edition, John Wiley and Sons.

We will use the 10th edition of the textbook, but you are allowed to use the 9th edition if you prefer. Note that some of th equestions have different numberings in the 9th edition. If you are using this edition please use the following alternate assignment sheet.

Assignments will be set each week and will be due the following Thursday. Please turn in hand-graded homework at the beginning of class. The deadline for the WileyPlus assignments is 11:59 pm on Thursdays. The maximum score for late assignments will be 50%.

There are three computer projects to be done later in the semester. Please see the course website for details.

Text Book Assignments (10th Edition)

There will be two midterms and one final. No notes, books, or calculators will be allowed during exams. Each midterm will be worth 100 points, the final 200 points and homework 200 points (85 points for hand-graded, 85 points for WileyPlus and 30 points for projects), making a total of 600 points for the whole course.

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