Class Notes

Elizabeth M. Karnowsky (BS ’46, Chemistry), Albuquerque, NM, now resides at Montello Assisted Living and welcomed her first greatgrandson, August.

Roy Burlington (BS ’59, MS ’61 and PhD ’64, Biological Sciences, Physiology and Biochemistry), Mount Pleasant, MI, retired from Central Michigan University after 31 years of teaching, research and academic administration. He published more than 50 research articles on how animals adapted to extreme environments. He also published the 2007 book “Diamonds on the Water.”
Wendell L. Dilling (PhD ’62, Chemistry), Midland, MI, won three silver medals and 10 bronze medals in track and field events during the 2012 Michigan Senior Olympics. Dilling is an adjunct professor in the chemistry department at Central Michigan University and was elected as an American Chemical Society Fellow in 2010.
Phillip W. Cushman (BS ’63, Biological Sciences), Gainesville, FL, has retired from his psychiatry practice after 45 years. He has served as president of the Florida Psychiatric Society and was named Private Practitioner of the Year in 1999 and 2011. He is a distinguished life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a fellow of the American College of Psychiatrists.
George Somkuti (MS ’63, Science), Lansdale, PA, is the lead scientist at the Eastern Regional Research Center of the USDA in Wyndmoor, PA. He was the recipient of the 2012 Award of Honor at the annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association. He was recognized for his outstanding service to the dairy industry and to ADSA.

David Hanselmann (BS ’71, Biological Sciences), Columbus, OH, retired after 35 years at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as chief of the Division of Soil and Water Resources and Recycling and joined the faculty of The Ohio State University as an instructor for the School of Environment and Natural Resources, where he established the Environmental Professionals Network.
Aaron J. Feik (MS ’72, Mathematics), Stanwood, WA, is president of the environmental education group Friends of the Hidden River, which helped develop and build a 15,000-square-foot education center. He is also president of the Warm Beach Senior Community Men’s Group.
Roger K. Quillen (MS ’77, Mathematics), Atlanta, GA, is managing partner and chairman of the Management Committee in the Atlanta office of Fisher Phillips LLP. He was selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2013. Quillen’s practice involves litigation covering a wide range of employment discrimination issues, employee welfare benefit plans, the Railway Labor Act and issues arising before the National Labor Relations Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Ken Ostrowski (BS ’80, Biological Sciences and Chemistry; MS ’82, Biological Sciences Education), Huntington Beach, CA, received a Golden Bell from the California School Board Association for his program that incorporates field research into his AP Environmental Science classes.
Karl Bratin (PhD ’81, Analytical Chemistry), Waterford, CT, received a promotion to senior research fellow in October and is currently a pharmaceutical sciences team leader for several new drug projects for Pfizer.
Dave Kagrise (BS ’86, Chemistry), Clermont, FL, founded Liquid Technology in 1995. His company develops proprietary methods for the treatment and stabilizing of high-purity aluminum cylinders, which are filled and shipped worldwide for emissions monitoring. It supplies a full line of specialty gases throughout the world.
Susan Kindig (BS ’86, Genetic Biology), Carmel, IN, graduated from law school at Indiana University, Indianapolis, in 2010 and took a position in global patient safety at Eli Lilly and Company in April 2012.
Ramona Quintanilla (BS ’86, Chemistry), West Chester, OH, has been appointed to the Purdue Alumni Association Board of Directors as a director and will serve a three-year term. She also is one of 10 inspirational and distinguished individuals chosen as 2012 Old Masters.
John E.M. Brown (BS ’87), Slidell, LA, was promoted to captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He is assigned to the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Reserve Activity Headquarters Unit based at Stennis Space Center, MS.

Joseph A. Hauger (MS ’92, PhD ’95, Physics), Augusta, GA, a professor in Augusta State University’s Department of Chemistry and Physics, has been named the university’s Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair. Hauger is only the third ASU faculty member to receive this prestigious honor.
Raoul Fielder (BS ’93, Physics), Entebbe, Uganda, is doing construction as a missionary in Uganda.
Craig Paterno (BS ’96, Chemistry), Doylestown, PA, is the director for North American- Control Technologies for ABB. He also welcomed a baby girl.
Daniel S. Riley (BS ’98, Actuarial Science), Durham, NC, is now a senior technical staff member and manager for Service Delivery Analytics for IBM. He is also managing employees in Costa Rica.
Alex Cardenas (MS ’98 and PhD ’02, Physics), Reno, NV, completed his MBA at Cornell University and obtained a new job as director of medical physics at Renown Health in Reno.

Sarah Klosek (MS ’02, Chemistry), Trenton, NJ, was recently named a New Leader of the Bar by the New Jersey Law Journal. The list is compiled from New Jersey lawyers under the age of 40 who are distinguished among their peers for their achievements in the workplace and public service involvement. She is a registered patent attorney at Fox Rothschild LLP.
Carl P. Weaver (BS ’03, Physics), Marietta, GA, is calibrating radiation therapy equipment and caring for radiation oncology patients.
Reynold Cheng (MS ’03, PhD ’05, Computer Science), Hong Kong, received the Hong Kong University Outstanding Young Researcher Award of 2011-12 in recognition of his excellent performance
in research. Selections for this award are made on the basis of documented evidence of international recognition of research accomplishments, the quality and quantity of research publications, the ability to attract research grants and high-impact applied research work. Cheng will receive a monetary award for two years for furthering his research, and also one research postgraduate studentship quota.
Stephan L. Martone (BS ’07, Biological Sciences), Scituate, RI, has completed his first year of surgical residency at Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY. Martone received the Best Surgical Resident Award.

Ashley Priest (BS ’11, Biological Sciences), New Palestine, IN, was promoted to assistant manager of quality assurance for Kroger Manufacturing. “I started out in the lab as a technician in August
2012 and before my 90 days were up, I was promoted to assistant manager,” Priest stated. “This is unusual for Kroger, due to the career training program most people have to go through in order to be management. I think my degree from Purdue helped. Thanks, Purdue!”

In Memoriam

Paul A. Wolf (BS ’33, MS ’35, PhD ’38, Chemistry), Sun City, AZ, Oct. 12.
Frederick W. Rothert (BS ’36, Biological Sciences), Manchester, MD, Aug. 17.
Arthur V. Cohee (BS ’39, Science), Fort Pierce, FL, Jan. 13, 2012.

George Edward Byrne (BS ’40, Science), Norwich, NY, July 3.
John J. Haiges (BS ’40, Science), Lombard, IL, July 18.
Everett D. Hood (BS ’41, Science), St. Petersburg, FL, Feb. 15.
John A. Zuck (BS ’41, Science), Gainesville, GA, March 21, 2012.
E. Janet Berry (BS ’42, PhD ’46, Science), New York, NY, May 5, 2012.
Julia (Horner) Mulligan (BS ’43, Science), Hudson, OH, June 24.
Becky A. (Pervine) Stewart (BS ’43, Science), Red Wing, MN, Dec. 29, 2011.
Josephine L. (Parisi) Mira (BS ’44, Science), Sun City, AZ, June 30.
Irene (Tatman) Pollard (MS ’44, Chemistry), Salinas, CA, May 7, 2012.
Rosalind (Gillespie) Booker (BS ’45, Science), Spring City, TN, April 12, 2012.
Elaine M. (Townsend) Dillberger (BS ’46, Science), Hampstead, NC, July 12.
C. Virgil St. John (MS ’46, Chemistry), West Lafayette, IN, July 4. He is survived by his wife, Ruth.
Susan L. (Mayer) Stoutland (BS ’46, Science), Brevard, NC, July 22.
Eric S. Wormser (BS ’46, Science), Escondido, CA, Aug. 15.
John H. Payne Jr. (PhD ’47, Chemistry), Wilmington, NC, March 8, 2012.
Edgar M. Benjamin (BS ’49, Biological Sciences), Worthington, IN, July 22.
Robert J. Grabowski (BS ’49, Science), Ozark, AR, March 25, 2012.
Lois J. (Hesse) Niemann (MS ’49, Statistics), Bellvue, CO, Sept. 25. She is survived by her husband, Ralph (MS ’49, PhD ’54, Mathematics).
Isadore “Irv” Rosenthal (MS ‘49, Chemistry), Newtown, PA, Feb. 10.
Dominic J. Colasito (BS ’49, MS ’52, PhD ’56, Science, Education and Humanities), Reno, NV, Aug. 10.

Jack F. Bussert (MS ’50, Chemistry), Atlanta, GA, March 9, 2012.
Mary E. (Cox) Leistner (BS ’50, Chemistry), Sidney, OH, May 29, 2012. She is survived by her husband, Delbert.
Anna (Murphy) Reid (MS ’50, Chemistry), Lexington, MA, May 10, 2012.
Harvie D. Conlin (BS ’51, Science), Sussex, WI, Sept. 25.
John O’Malley (BS ’51, MS ’52, Science), Gainesville, FL, Dec. 2.
Robert E. Robinson (MS ’51, PhD ’53, Chemistry), Columbia, SC, Aug. 11. He is survived by his wife, Myrtle (MS ’52, Chemistry).
Perce W. Bolmer (MS ’52, PhD ’54, Chemistry), Hot Springs, AR, Aug. 4.
Jerry M. Colglazier (BS ’52, MS ’63, Science), Indianapolis, IN, Oct. 22.
Maurice D. Lamoree (PhD ’52, Mathematics), Sierra Vista, AZ, July 13.
Norman Pearlman (PhD ’52, Physics), Santa Fe, NM, Aug. 2.
Thomas H. Milby (BS ’53, Biological Sciences), Boise, ID, Sept. 16.
Walter H. Schulz (BS ’53, Science), New Albany, IN, Apr. 23, 2012.
Marjorie A. (Tapscott) Dreyfus (BS ’54, Science), Takoma Park, MD, July 25.
Laura L. (Thomas) Johnston (BS ’54, Biological Sciences), Milford, OH, Oct. 17. She is survived by her husband, John.
Lois A. (Freise) Crain (BS ’55, Science), Winston-Salem, NC, May 11, 2012.
Leonard I. Holder (PhD ’55, Mathematics), Gettysburg, PA, Sept. 28.
Joseph S. Olcott (MS ’55, PhD ’57, Chemistry), Tucson, AZ, Aug. 20.
George L. Hoshaw (BS ’56, Science), Kokomo, IN, May 20, 2012.
Lee Caldwell Jr. (MS ’56, PhD ’60, Biological Sciences), Pittsboro, NC, Aug. 26.
Edward L. Robinson (MS ’58, PhD ’62, Physics), Birmingham, AL, July 15.
J. B. Smith (BS ’58, Science), Columbus, MT, Oct. 17.
James S. Wardlaw (BS ’58, Biological Sciences), Dowagiac, MI, July 7.
C. Richard Johns (BS ’59, Science), Troy, MI, Aug. 8.


James D. Haefner (BS ’60, Science), Bentonville, AR, March 24, 2012. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn.
Leon T. Pommer (BS ’60, Science), Jacksonville, FL, Aug. 31, 2011.
Paul W. White (BS ’60, Science), Lafayette, IN, Oct. 7.
Thomas J. Bydalek (PhD ’61, Chemistry), Duluth, MN, June 14.
Robert A. Catron (BS ’61, Science), Warren, OH, May 7, 2012.
James F. Nestor (MS ’61, PhD ’63, Chemistry), Venice, FL, March 25, 2012.
Dale A. Copeland (BS ’62, Mathematics), Oakland, MD, Nov. 3, 2011.
Charles R. Grenda (BS ’62, Science), Anderson, IN, April 27, 2012.
Robert W. Jackson (MS ’62, PhD ’63, Biological Sciences), Springfield, IL, Oct. 25. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn.
James B. Morrison (BS’ 62, MS ’77, Mathematics), Lafayette, IN, Aug. 16.
John W. Brackett (PhD ’63, Chemistry), Boston, MA, Sept. 9. He is survived by his wife, Colleen (MS ’64, Biological Sciences).
Nathan Shapiro (PhD ’63, Biological Sciences), Auburn, AL, June 3, 2012.
George R. Long Jr. (MS ’64, PhD ’70, Chemistry), Springfield, IL, Oct. 11.
Edward M. Powell (MS ’64, PhD ’70, Biological Sciences), Prescott, AZ, Aug. 12.
James F. Surface (BS ’64, Mathematics), Johns Creek, GA, Sept. 29.
Sandra J. (Carr) Irons (MA ’65, Mathematics), Gary, IN, Aug. 11.
Edgar W. Kintzele (MS ’65, Physics), El Cajon, CA, Aug. 5.
James L. Thalheimer (BS ’65, Science), Ormond Beach, FL, Mar. 31.
Jack P. Young (BS ’65, Science), Columbus, IN, Sept. 15.
Joseph R. Kelly (BS ’66, Mathematics), Boulder, CO, Aug. 13.
Jeanette A. (Wozniak) Solosky (BS ’66, Biological Sciences), Toms River, NJ, July 11. She is survived by her husband, Thomas.
Kwamena Essuon (MS ’67, Mathematics), Decatur, GA, March 6, 2012.
Rudolph H. Stehl (Ph.D. ’67, Analytical Chemistry), Osprey, FL, Nov. 26.
Anthony P. Blozinski (MS ’68, PhD ’70, Mathematics), Galveston, TX, Oct. 2.
John M. Gerwels (MS ’68, Statistics), Knoxville, TN, July 30.
Daniel F. Olive (BS ’68, Science), Poplarville, MS, March 24, 2012.
Carita Bays Noe (BS ’69, Biological Sciences), Indianapolis, IN, Nov. 30.
Nathaniel Zeno Jr. (MS ’69, Biological Sciences), Jonesboro, LA, May 19, 2012.

Carol Ann (Davis) Masterson (BS ’71, Biological Sciences), Lafayette, IN, Sept. 25. She is survived by her husband, Terry (BS ’79, Chemistry).
Linda (Sneddon) Schmidt (BS ’71, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences), Greenwood, IN, Oct. 17. She is survived by her husband, Alan.
Margaret N. New (BS’ 72, Science), Hartford, CT, June 26.
Jay. J. Jerabek (BS ’73, Biological Sciences), New Albany, OH, Feb. 11, 2011.
Deborah Ann Miles (BS ’73, Biological Sciences), West Lafayette, IN, July 10.
Deng-Yuan Huang (PhD ’74, Statistics), Nankang, Taipei Taiwan, China, Aug. 31.
Scott W. Smith (MS ’74, Physics), Duluth, GA, July 25.
Steve Kovacevic (BS ’77, MS ’80, Biological Sciences), Indianapolis, IN, April 14, 2012.

Matthew W. Maillet (BS ’85, Biological Sciences), Springfield, IL, June 25. He is survived by his wife, Cassandra.
Roger M. Burger (MS ’86, Physics), Goshen, IN, April 3.

Robert C. Boenne (BS ’94, Computer Science), Chicago, IL, Sept. 25.


Evan Farthing (BS ’06, Computer Science) and Sarah (Tagtmeyer), Indianapolis, IN, were wed on April 14, 2012.


Nathan and Brie (BS ’04, Biological Sciences) Hevesy, Hiram, GA, welcome the birth of their daughter, Taryn Suzanne, on July 3.
Brad Prugar (BS ’08, Computer Science) and Vicky (Matuszak) Prugar, Kirkland, WA, welcome the birth of their daughter on July 29.