Class Notes

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Anthony A. Silvasi (BS ’54, Chemistry), Portage, IN, retired from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Army.

James E. Herriman (BS ’58, Industrial Economics), Ft. Myers, FL, was honored at the eighth annual Valley Legacy Awards with the 2012 Outstanding Senior Award. This honor was presented to him at an Avion On The Water luncheon ceremony in Canfield, OH.

John L. Hitch (BS ’61, Industrial Economics), Richmond, IN, retired as chairman of the Board of Directors for West End Bank, S. B. in May 2013 after 41 years of dedicated service. During his career, he also coordinated marketing efforts for Belden Wire and Cable and is the former owner/president of Loehr Inc., a specialty retail store, both headquartered in Richmond, IN.

Art van Bodegraven (BS ’61, Science Education), Powell, OH, founded Discovery Executive Services, which is dedicated to supply chain and logistics education.

D. Michael Stretchberry (BS ’62, Physics), Denver, CO, has enjoyed his time as a docent at the Denver Art Museum, where for 23 years he has given more than 1,200 tours for about 43,000 adults after obtaining master’s degrees in physics and economics.

James W. Ropp (BS ’64, Biological Sciences), Clearwater, FL, is retired from federal employment with the United States Air Force.

Valerie J. Kuck (MS ’65, Chemistry), Upper Montclair, NJ, a retired chemist from Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies, was reelected to a third three-year term as director-at-large of the American Chemical Society (ACS ), the world’s largest scientific society.

Norman S. Track (BS ’65, Biology), Toronto, CA, has published the book "The Valley of Flowers." To inquire about purchasing this book, send an email to

Earl D. W. Darling (BS ’66, Chemistry and Mathematics), Mankato, MN, travelled more than 80,000 miles in the U.S. on his Harley-Davidson Custom Ultra Classic since retiring in 2008. He met a lady rider and married Char Darling in 2010. She rides her own Harley. They love traveling, camping and attending motorcycle rallies.

Andris Zoltners (MS ’69, Mathematics), Evanston, IL, received the 2012 Marvin Jolson Award for Best Contribution to Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management for the article titled “Breaking the Sales Force Incentive Addiction: A Balanced Approach to Sales Force Effectiveness.”

Stuart H. Zweben (MS ‘71, PhD ’74, Statistics), Dublin, OH, was recognized as the 2012 recipient of the Linton E. Grinter Distinguished Service Award. This is the highest honor that ABET, the recognized accreditor for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology, bestows.

Robert A. Hendrix (BS ’73, Mathematics), Rocky Mount, NC, has joined Vidant Health in eastern North Carolina as a practicing otolaryngologist — head and neck surgeon.

Robert L. Mead (BS ’73, MS ’74, PhD ’78, Chemistry), Saratoga, CA, retired from the Hewlett-Packard Company after a 34-year career in Cupertino and Palo Alto, CA.

Steve Brohard (BS ’74, Computer Science), Scroggins, TX, is the CEO of Strategic Consulting International and has been elected chair of the Winnsboro Texas Economic Development Corporation, chair of the Winnsboro Texas Four Corners Foundation, and president of Headway, an organization focusing on youth at risk.

Randy G. Canfield (BS ’78, Biology), South Pasadena, CA, was recently awarded fellow status by the American Society for Quality for outstanding leadership in the quality profession across a wide range of disciplines including high-tech manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, financial services, public education and software.

Doug Geary (BS ’78, Atmospheric Science), Old Hickory, TN, retired from the FAA after more than 30 years as an air traffic controller. He began his career in Springfield, IL, in 1982, moved to Pittsburgh, PA , in 1988, and finally spent the last 21 years of his career in Nashville, TN. Prior to becoming employed by the FAA , Doug spent four years with the State of Illinois EPA , where he worked as an air pollution meteorologist and an air monitoring quality assurance specialist.

John Kazmierczak (BS ’79, Mathematics), Big Rock, IL, is enjoying retirement and coaching girls varsity bowling at Illinois Math and Science Academy and girls softball at Rosary High School in Aurora, IL.

Karen Snepp (BS ’79, Statistics), Redmond, WA , retired from a career in market research and has enjoyed spending time golfing, traveling and volunteering. In January, she became a trustee for the EvergreenHealth Foundation in Kirkland, WA . She serves on the committee for the foundation’s annual luncheon to support its hospice and palliative care services.

Leslie Bolinger Horton (BS ’80, Mathematics), Jefferson, MA, completed her PhD in Mathematics and Science Education in 2011 from the University of Massachusetts–Lowell. She was then hired as
Dean of Mathematics and Science at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, MA.

Randy Ramsey (BS ’85, Computer Science), Allen, TX, was promoted to the elite position of IT fellow at Raytheon.

Kathryn D. Zalewski (BS ’87, Computer Science), Mountain View, CA, was promoted to special counsel at WilmerHale.

Jessica M. (Farrar) Smith (BS ’96, Biological Sciences), Darlington, IN, and her husband, Erick Smith (CEM ’93) started This Old Farm in 2001 and incorporated it in 2009. It is a local foods distribution company with a USDA inspected meatprocessing plant as the center of the business. Jessica uses her biology background to help farmers and customers on a daily basis. Visit This Old Farm’s website at

Jennifer Worrall Zink (BS ’01, Biological Sciences), Fishers, IN, welcomed son Noah Patrick to the world on March 25 and is now working as a contractor in the educational industry, correlating educational content to state and national science standards, “a door opened by my Purdue degree to be sure,” she says.

Eric M. Sardeson (BS ’02, Synoptic Meteorology), Parsippany, NJ, is a procurement specialist for Harms Software Inc.

Yunglin David Ma (BS ’03, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Taipei, Taiwan, welcomed sons to the world in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Josh Cloud (MS ’09, Chemistry), Louisville, KY , is now an analytical specialist at Dow Chemical Company.

William Crosby (BS ’09, Biological Sciences), Scipio, IN, changed jobs in September 2012 to become configuration manager at Cummins Engine Company in Columbus, IN. He married Kelsey Hefner on May 10.

Christopher Dehen (PhD ’09, Chemistry), became assistant facility manager with SKB Environmental in Rosemount, MN.

Michael Andrew McQueen (BS ’11, Actuarial Science), Sacramento, CA, is now a product management analyst at Esurance.

Rachelle (Buuck) Lapham (BS ’12, Genetics and Microbiology), West Lafayette, IN, was married June 15 to Ethan Lapham (BS ’13, CIT) and she started her PhD studies in plant molecular biology this fall.

Michael John Oakley (BS ’12, Biological Sciences), Indianapolis, IN, received a new position as a fermentation scientist at Eli Lilly.

Vanessa Metiva (BS ’10, Honors Biochemistry) and Benjamin Nault (BS ’11, ACS Accredited Chemistry), Piedmont, CA, were wed on May 25 in Bay City, MI.

D. Marcelle (Baker) Kountzman (BS ’35, Science), Webster Groves, MO, April 21.
Phyllis Vance (Crossman) Ling (BS ’39, Science), Sarasota, FL, March 28.
James Frederick Moore (BS ’40, Science), Peru, IN, March 18.
Alberta (Densford) Stewart (BS ’41, Science), Greensburg, IN, Feb. 8.
Morton C. Creditor (BS ’42, Science), Kansas City, MO, Dec. 30.
David K. Tippey (BS ’42, Science), Dayton, OH, Jan. 13.

Norma (Wolf) Courtney (BS ’43, Science), South Bend, IN, Dec. 23.
Jane (Gray) Wainwright (BS ’44, Science), Cambridge, MA, Nov. 1.
Charlene (McClain) Shumaker (BS ’45, Science), Plainfield, IN, Jan. 11.
Marvin Barab (BS ’46, Science), Eugene, OR, Jan. 13.

Robert L. Mannfeld (BS ’47, Science), Indianapolis, IN, Feb. 4.
Betsy (Davis) Luhman (BS ’48, Science), West Lafayette, IN, Nov. 2.
Wirt C. Ward (BS ‘48, Physics), Downington, PA, Dec. 31.
Betty (Billeter) Peters (BS ’49, Biology), West Lafayette, IN, Nov. 15.
Mary J. Stetzel (BS ’48, Science), Watsonville, CA, Nov. 13.
Herman I. Weck (MS ’48, Chemistry), Des Plaines, IL, Mar. 28.
Henry J. Chaya (MS ’49, Chemistry), Beacon, NY, Jan. 29.
Isadore Rosenthal (MS ’49, Chemistry), Newtown, PA , Feb. 10.
Theodore A. Jacob (PhD ’50, Chemistry), Westfield, NJ, Dec. 31.
Seymour Polansky (PhD ’50, Chemistry), Boca Raton, FL, Jan. 30.
John G. Schulte (BS ’50, Science), Rock Hill, SC, Feb. 18.
Vernon E. Weis (MS ’50, Chemistry), Forest, VA , Mar. 4.
James Allen Brown (BS ’51, Science), Lafayette, IN, Apr. 15.
Flossie Buffington Corua (BS ‘51, Science), Sun City West, AZ, May 8.
Richard R. Pettit (BS ’51, Science), Collierville, TN, Dec. 10.
Nicholas Relich (MS ’51, Statistics), Lansing, IL, Jan. 21.
Margaret E. (Nugent) Smith (BS ’51, Science), Wilmington, DE, Jan. 25.
John Richard O’Malley (BS ’51, MS ’52, Science), Gainesville, FL, Dec. 2.

William R. Fuller (MS ’51, PhD ’57, HDR ’00, Mathematics), West Lafayette, IN, Jan. 7.
M. Jane (Hummel) Germann (BS ’52, Science), Storm Lake, IA, Feb. 26.
Kenneth Richard Hill (BS ’52, MS ’58, PhD ’61, Chemistry), Pensacola, FL, April 23.
D. Joseph Mason (BS ’53, MS ’55, PHD ’58, Science), Kalamazoo, MI, Mar. 3.
Kathleen M. (Hession) White (BS ’55, Mathematics), Pittsburgh, PA , Feb. 28.
Gertrude A. (Meenan) Loy (BS ’55, Biology), San Bruno, CA, Dec. 21.
David L. Byers (BS ’56, Science), Tucson, AZ, Dec. 26.
Robert B. Kruse (MS ’56, PhD ’59, Chemistry), Punta Gorda, FL, Nov. 8.
Richard L. Swiontek (BS ’57, Industrial Economics), Avon, IN, Nov. 6.
Sarah (Myers) Frank (BS ’58, Mathematics), Indianapolis, IN, Nov. 3.
Thomas R. Pyke (MS ’58, PhD ’61, Biology), Richland, MI, Apr. 20.
Robert Floyd Fulton (PhD ’60, Organic Chemistry), Rocky Mount, NC, Oct. 29, 2011.
Antone Morone (BS ’60, MS ’65, Physics), Indianapolis, IN, Dec. 27.
P. John DeYoung (MS ’61, Mathematics), West Lafayette, IN, Mar. 29.
Arthur E. Lundahl (MS ’61, Mathematics), Ashland, OR, Nov. 21.
Patricia Clark (PhD ’62, Chemistry), Baltimore, MD, June 11, 2012.
Mary Catherine Hahn (MS ’63, Mathematics), Fort Wayne, IN, Jan. 27.
Charles R. Seitz Jr. (BS ’63, MS ’69, Mathematics), Greenwood, IN, Mar. 15.
Albert F. Hoop (BS ’64, Biology), Tigard, OR, Jan. 17.
Charles Leonard Kibby (PhD ‘64, Chemistry), Benicia, CA, May 16.
Clarence R. Robbins (PhD ’64, Chemistry), Clermont, FL, Mar. 1.
Joseph M. Machinist (PhD ’64, Biology), Libertyville, IL, Nov. 11.
Allen Medlock (MS ’64, Mathematics), Mesa, AZ, Feb. 8.
Donald E. Morningstar (MS ’64, Physics), Carlisle, PA , Jan. 15.
John A. Cengel (PhD ’65, Chemistry), Loveland, OH, Nov. 8, 2012.
William T. Dill (MS ’66, Biology), Ferris, TX, Apr. 18.

Charles J. Stark (BS ’67, Biology), Zionsville, IN, Mar. 4.
Rudolph H. Stehl (PhD ’67, Chemistry), Osprey, FL, Nov. 26.
Gordon B. Berkey (MS ’67, PhD ’69, Physics), Kuna, ID, Sept. 27.
Del K. Bosacker (MS ’70, Biology), Minnetonka, MN, July 2012.
Carita J. (Bays) Noe (BS ’70, Biology), Indianapolis, IN, Nov. 30.
Gerard Nyssen (PhD ’70, Chemistry), Murfreesboro, TN, April 10.
Kerry W. Carson (BS ’71, Science), Lafayette, LA, March 28.
Stephen J. Klein (MS ’71, Mathematics), Seattle, WA , Jan. 11.
Robert E. Canada (BS ’72, Biology), Martinsville, IN, March 27, 2012.
R. Edward Clawson Jr. (BS ’72, Science), Athens, GA, Nov. 15.
Robert C. Hochel (PhD ’73, Chemistry), Aiken, SC, Dec. 14.
Dennis L. Schulte (BS ’73, Mathematics), Seattle, WA , Mar. 25.
William Alan Smart (BS ’75, Atmospheric Science), Havre De Grace, MD, Jan. 22.
J. Robert Mitchell Jr. (BS ’82, Biology), West Lafayette, IN, Nov. 24.
Ralph E. Drexel Jr. (PhD ’87, Chemistry), La Porte, TX, Feb. 27.
Lowell R. Barnes (HDR ’94, Science), Pendleton, IN, April 17.
Christopher A. Hill (BS ’98, Computer Science), Champaign, IL, April 24.