Science alumni make a day of it

Author(s): Tim Brouk
Photographs by: Tim Brouk

It’s a winning mix: Take generations of science alumni and their families, put them in the Western Hemisphere’s largest science museum full of hands-on exhibits and kid-friendly experiments, and then add ice cream. You have the makings of a memorable Science Alumni Day.

More than 100 members of the College of Science alumni family attended Science Alumni Day on July 28 at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Alumni as fresh as the 2010s and as experienced as the 1950s were among those in attendance. All seven science departments were represented.

Grandparents, parents and children took in the museum’s world-class, high-tech exhibits like the tornado simulator, “Mind Ball,” the famous coal mine exhibit and “Newton’s Prism.” They experienced the loud, intense Tesla coil demonstration as well as a highenergy yet safe performance of how chemicals become flammable and explosive.

Before and after the learning, the alumni met up at an ice cream social organized by the Science Alumni Board. Alumni from the College of Technology were on hand for the event as well.

A massive sundae bar was set up as the hungry alumni piled topping after topping onto scoops of delicious ice cream. There were trays of fruit for the more health-conscious folks.

The alumni and their families mingled and shared stories from their days as students. Eric Kyereme, a statistics alumnus, revealed an impromptu late-night post-finals party in the Mathematical Sciences Building while Malaika Tyson reflected on the many different kinds of people she got to work with as a chemistry graduate student.

The Purdue Science Student Council was present to update alumni on the latest College of Science developments as well as lead interactive experiments derived from household products like water bottles, milk, dish soap and Alka-Seltzer.

Though most of the alumni haven’t been enrolled at Purdue for decades, they still feel as much Boilermaker pride now as they did then. Getting together with other alumni at events like Science Alumni Day helps ensure that bond.

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