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Teaching Science

Education of our students is top priority and thanks to technological advancements as well as creative ideas from faculty and staff, our students have many different and unique ways to learn. In this issue of Insights, we explore just some of the many educational opportunities students have in the College of Science.

In the student spotlight, Bio/Stat senior Jennifer Franks is as adept on the ballroom dance floor as she is in the lab.

Also, learn how College of Science faculty prepare for interviews with the media – whether it’s for the New York Times, an international documentary or webcast.


  • Classroom Excellence
    Classroom Excellence
    Chemistry Prof. Graham Cooks has won numerous international awards for spectrometry and analytical chemistry, but he believes teaching undergraduates is still a crucial part of his role at Purdue.
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  • Google Glass
    Google Glass
    Bio alumna Jessica Ridilla was among the first Google Glass users at Purdue.
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  • OK Strom
    Tornadic Tales
    The Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences encountered two major tornados while conducting field research in Oklahoma.
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  • Maymester Abroad
    Maymester Abroad
    Geology students spent their Maymester studying glaciers in Scandinavia and mountain composition of the South Alps in Italy.
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