Saranya Radhakrishnan, College of Science PhD candidate

150 Years of Giant Leaps in Science


What role will we play in defining humankind’s space beyond Earth? How can we ensure the responsible development of machine learning? How will new technologies bring more precise cures? What environmentally smart fuels might launch us to the future?

Purdue scientists are on the front lines of these new frontiers, navigating the evolution of space exploration, automation and artificial intelligence, research advances in the life sciences, and ideas that support a sustainable tomorrow.

150 Years of Giant Leaps in Science

These four themes of Purdue University’s sesquicentennial anniversary campaign — 150 Years of Giant Leaps — will draw in current thought leaders to campus throughout the year for Purdue Ideas Festival events. Patrick J. Wolfe, the Frederick L. Hovde Dean of Science and Miller Family Professor of Statistics and Computer Science, has been selected to co-chair Purdue’s Giant Leaps in AI, Algorithms and Automation theme.

As Purdue turns 150, the College of Science celebrates our groundbreaking footprints in science that lead to giant leaps in discovery. The College is the monthly feature unit for the 150th kickoff in September 2018 and sponsor of the Sept. 22 Homecoming game — the field for the opening ceremonies of the sesquicentennial. We invite you to join us for events throughout the year and in our ongoing conversation about the future of Purdue Science.