College is expensive, but there are many ways to offset the costs.


The Admissions Office offers a way for you and your parents to estimate what your expenses will be.


There are four kinds of scholarships you should consider: department scholarships, college scholarships, university scholarships, and private scholarships.

Purdue University merit-based scholarshipsRecommendations for other scholarship sources The Division of Financial Aid offers lists of merit-based, need-based, and sources of private scholarships and additional aid.

Work Study

Work study is a federally funded financial aid program designed to help students meet their educational costs through the use of part-time employment. Federal Work Study is a form of financial aid that is awarded to students in their financial aid package based on demonstrated need and satisfactory academic progress. It is administered by the Division of Financial Aid.


Many students help finance their college education through part-time jobs, internships, and cooperative education. The Division of Financial Aid office offers the Job Location and Development Program. Student eligibility is not based on financial need or academic progress.