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Math/Stat/Actuarial Science Advising Announcements

Academic Resources and Helpful Links (linked from Physics page, helpful for all students)

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Math with CS majors and CS minors information

Making Schedule Adjustments:


Probation Policy

PROBATION = semester OR cumulative GPA <2.0
If you are already on Probation and your:

cumulative GPA is < 2.0 and semester GPA is ≥ 2.0 = PROBATION

semester GPA is < 2.0 and cumulative GPA is ≥ 2.0 = PROBATION

semester AND cumulative GPA < 2.0 = DROPPED

GPA Calculator (can include retakes)

myPurduePlan (MPP) and the Student Educational Planner (SEP)

Are you utilizing these tools? Here's why you should and here too

SEP help (Plan Tab)

Instructional videos for MPP and SEP- take control of your education and plan!



  • Avoid using symbols like + % $ @ & in your passwords! This can cause your myPurduePlan to not open.
  • Be on time for your appointments - when you are late, you cause each appointment after you to be late.
  • Include your full name in your emails. Including your PUID is also helpful.
  • Once you have used your Registration PIN, it is stored in myPurdue under "Registration PIN" on the Academic Tab.

Planning to CODO or add an additional major?

Be sure you are aware of the requirements to do so.  Requirements vary by college and major.  Information for each college is listed below:

College of Agriculture

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Health and Human Sciences

College of Liberal Arts

Krannert School of Management

College of Pharmacy

Purdue Polytechnic Institute (formerly College of Technology)

College of Science (adding a major still need to meet CODO requirements)

College of Veterinary Medicine