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Evie Orick

Evie Orick

College of Science
Majors: Biology


I have been an Academic Advisor in the Department of Biological Sciences since 2013. Advising certainly involves helping students develop an academic plan, navigate campus life, and tap into the great resources and opportunities at Purdue. Ultimately, however, my primary goal is to assist my advisees in clarifying and meeting their own goals. Whether those goals are short-term or long-term, academic, professional, or interpersonal, it can be empowering to pause and reflect on where we've been, where we want to go, and why. I place a high value on creating an environment which is welcoming and respectful to all people from all walks of life. My participation in the "Race & Equity Institute" offered through USC in 2020 served to deepen my resolve to practice this value.   


I grew up in southwest Florida and am a graduate of Purdue (Forestry and Natural Resources). I was in the Purdue All American Marching Band — GO AAMB!! — and have continued to enjoy music in various capacities. I began my career as a Field Biologist for an environmental consulting firm where I documented environmental impacts related to proposed road projects.  I appreciated the balance between field experience, serving on multi-disciplinary teams, coordinating with federal/state agencies, and working with the public. In addition, I’m an ordained minister, have served as Associate Pastor for several years, and continue ministerial work in various capacities. I met my husband while attending Purdue and he works in the Horticulture Dept. Our daughter graduated from Westside in 2019 and is studying English Education at Indiana University. In my spare time, you'll probably catch me reading, gardening, enjoying time in the woods, or walking with Daisy, our border collie mix.

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