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Are you interested in helping other students?

Consider becoming an Ebuddy or a Mentor for the College of Science.

Ebuddies are partnered with a new incoming freshman and provide answers to basic questions the first couple weeks of school. This is usually 3-4 emails and is a short term committment.

If you would like to become a mentor to a new incoming student, the college is always in need of students to help in this way.

If you would be interested in finding out more information about Ebuddies or Mentoring, please contact Terry Ham at hamt@purdue.edu

Are you looking for ways to make yourself more marketable?

Check out Learning Beyond the Classroom! http://science.purdue.edu/Current_Students/learning-beyond-the-classroom/index.html

The scheduling assistant is now available. Here are some key points when using it:

  1. It will ask for a PIN.
    1. Hit cancel.
  2. It will show students’ spring 2015 schedule.
    1. Go to upper right of page and select summer or fall term to change
  3. Students may then play around with their desired courses to determine what may be available.
  4. Currently nothing can be saved in the Scheduling Assistant, so what is there today may not be there when their time ticket opens.


BIOL 312: Great Issues: Genomics & Society

CHM 490: History & Philosophy of Science: Synergies Among the Physical Sciences

EAPS 301: Oil!

EAPS 375: Fossil Fuels, Energy and Society

EAPS 327: Climate, Science and Society

EAPS 591: Models in Climate Change Science & Policy

Sci 360: Science and Society

Phys 490: Sustainable Energy Sources

*Please check pre-requisites for courses

Link to Science approved General Education courses: