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Phil LeBlanc

Phil LeBlanc ยป Syllabus


Purdue Advising Mission Statement:
Our mission is to partner with students, faculty, staff, departments, and administration to empower students to develop and implement an individualized plan for academic success, personal and career development, while integrating learning and enrichment within the University and community, as well as assisting students in understanding the nature, purpose, and value of higher education.

Goals of Advising:
My primary goal is to provide you with support and advice on how to be successful in college and help guide you throughout your time at Purdue with your educational and career goals.

This syllabus is a tool designed to outline the advising experience. Advising is essential to the educational mission of our institution. Included in the syllabus is a set of student expectations and responsibilities as well as a set of expectations and responsibilities of me as your advisor. This syllabus is to be used as a resource and guide. Refer to it often throughout the semester.

Learning Objectives:
By participating in academic advising you will:

  • Identify fields of study that are consistent with your interests, abilities, and life goals.
  • Know how to navigate myPurduePlan (MMP) and locate your degree worksheet.
  • Develop and implement a meaningful educational plan using the Student Educational Planner (SEP).
  • Know how to locate University policies and procedures regarding registration, academic standing, and student conduct.
  • Know where and how to access appropriate support services to accommodate your unique needs.
  • Develop an awareness of your own personal responsibility within the advising process.

Responsibilities in the Advisor-Student Partnership

Advisor ResponsibilitiesStudent Responsibilities
Understand Purdue College of Science degree requirements and effectively communicate them Schedule regular appointments and/or utilize walk-in hours during each semester
Provide a safe place in which to share your thoughts, aspirations, concerns, and interests Understand your degree equirements and ask questions if you are unsure
Refer you to campus resources as appropriate Keep a record of your academic progress and goals
Listen carefully to your questions, concerns, and interests Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
Maintain confidentiality Come to appointments prepared
Encourage and support you as you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for success Actively read my e-mail and be open to advice and developing your personal goals
Assist you in making course and major decisions Utilize campus resources to investigate career and life goals
Be available to you through walk-in hours, e-mail, and appointment times Be courteous and attend the advising appointments you have scheduled on time or reschedule them



Your Purdue email account, no other email account, is the only means of communication between faculty and staff. Please do not have this forwarded to your personal email. You will miss important information that is sent out to large groups of students. This is also your professors means of communicating with you about grades, class cancellations, etc.

Before sending me an email, please check to see if you can obtain the answer from the syllabus, instructional emails, or advising newsletters. I am happy to answer any of your questions or concerns so please do not hesitate to email me. Please make sure you sign your emails. If you need assistance adding a signature to ensure all emails are signed, I can help you with this.


How to make an appointment

I work on an appointment basis and prefer one-on-one appointments versus walk-ins. I have walk-in hours daily except on Fridays, I am out of the office, but please utilize these times for quick questions that can be answered in a 10-minute time span in order to allow all students to access me when needed.

Scheduled appointments can be made by using the online Krannert Calendar: https://purdue.campus.eab.com/

Walk-in schedule: https://www.science.purdue.edu/Current_Students/advising/advisor-walk-in-schedule.html


You will check-in for all appointments and walk-in times in the Main Office, MATH 231. Please check in with the receptionist in the main office, she will inform me that you are here, and I will come get you for your appointments.


You are required to meet with me, in person, once a semester to discuss registration. You will not receive your PIN unless you meet with me during your designated time to register. If you do not show up to your registration appointment, you will need to reschedule to obtain your registration PIN.

Academic Probation

You are required to meet with me in person following placement on academic probation. This is to occur during the first two weeks of the semester following placement on probation. At that time, we will work on an academic plan to assist you in raising your GPA and getting off probation.


Please arrive on time and be prepared for your appointments.

You are required to be prepared for your advising appointments. This includes:

  • Reviewing your degree requirements and plan of study
  • Reviewing the Schedule of Classes
  • Updating your Student Educational Planner (SEP)
  • Finding your time-ticket on myPurdue
  • Checking your degree audit worksheet in myPurduePlan for any discrepancies
  • Preparing a list of questions
  • Preparing a rough list of courses you are interested in taking
  • College of Science Core requirements