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Lynne Horngren, MA

Lynne Horngren, MA

College of Science

Welcome to Purdue and the College of Science!

My name is Lynne Horngren and I am the Director of Undergraduate Education and Academic Advising. The College of Science advising team has as its primary goal support of each student and the attainment of their educational, personal and professional goals. You will be assigned to an advisor who will help you navigate your Purdue experience, manage and complete your degree requirements, and provide you with resources and opportunities to successfully meet your goals. Your advisor will also cheer you on during your triumphs, help sustain you through your challenges, and teach you to dream beyond your expectations. Students who engage with their academic advisor tend to achieve higher grades, are more engaged and satisfied with their higher education experience and more often graduate on time.

Mission and Vision of Academic Advising in the College of Science

Academic Advising in the College of Science aspires to be a dynamic coaching, teaching and educational collaboration where students and advisors work in partnership in the attainment of personal, academic and professional goals through intentional interactions that foster informed, student-driven decisions. The academic advising experience is seen as essential to the establishment of meaningful educational, career, and life goals that are consistent with each student’s personal values, interests and abilities.

Academic advising practice in the College of Science is predicated on the belief that purposeful individualized attention promotes each student's success and increases student retention through the development of academic maturity, the ability to embrace and overcome challenges, and the development of a personal and academic identity. College of Science advisors seek to encourage and inspire student engagement with their university, the global community and the world of scientific discovery.

I challenge you to make the most of your time at Purdue. There will be more opportunities than you can imagine - engage, engage, engage!

The Best,


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