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Faith Giordano

Faith Giordano

College of Science
Majors: Computer Science

I have been an academic advisor in the Computer Science department at Purdue University since August 2013. 

I am a proud alumna of Mount Holyoke College; I received my BA in English in 2006. I also earned a MA in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2010. Prior to joining the College of Science Advising team at Purdue, I worked as an Employer Relations Career Assistant at Global Education and Career Development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have also worked as a paralegal, an English composition instructor, and at Target!

Advising students is my dream job and I am a huge nerd for anything and everything related to higher education. 

When I'm not at work, I enjoy reading, knitting, sewing, playing trivia, going for walks, and spending time with my daughter Eloise and cat Amberlina.

Advice for a Boilermaker:

I have two pieces of advice that may seem contradictory:

  1. Set a goal and make a plan. Work with your academic advisor to create a degree plan that will allow you to graduate in your preferred timeline and will allow you the time to pursue other interests (work, extracurricular activities, leadership, relationships, etc). Use your university resources - Academic Success Center, the Center for Career Opportunities, Civic Education and Leadership Development, are just a few that can help you grow as a student, develop your career, and become a leader.

  2. Accept that you and your life can change tremendously in the space of four years, and that a goal that made sense in your freshman fall may not serve you as you continue to learn about yourself and your field of study. Similarly, your goal may remain the same but your plans to reach it may need to change if you experience any academic or personal setbacks or changes. Keep your advisor in the loop because they want to be able to help you update your degree plan, transfer in credit or earn credit through exam, learn about new majors, or even figure out how to take time off and return to Purdue when you are ready.

Main Office

Office: YONG 6th Floor
Phone: 765-494-1771
Office Hours: M-F 8-5
College of Science