ScienceScape 2015

ScienceScape Laboratory Experiment

ScienceScape is a one-week residential camp that provides opportunities for middle school students to experience science in a fun yet meaningful manner. While young women are the target population, this pre-college program is intended to increase the pool of young people, of all genders and ethnicities, interested in a career in the sciences.

The program began in 1992 by Women in Physics (WIP) and the Purdue Physics Department. Based on a hands-on philosophy, ScienceScape provides young students with the opportunity to investigate fields such as physics, ecology, math, chemistry, biology, and computer sciences.

Participants are housed in an air conditioned University residence on Purdue's West Lafayette Campus. 

ScienceScape 2015 | June 21 - 25

ScienceScape 2015 materials will be posted soon. The links to the various items below will be activated when this year’s items are completed.

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ScienceScape Outdoor Activity