About Purdue Science K-12 Outreach

Students working on a Focus on Science activity

Purdue Science K-12 Outreach coordinators act as resources and facilitators, establishing cooperative relationships with elementary and secondary schools to bring about changes in the quality of education. Our programs link the expertise of Purdue Science faculty with students, teachers, parents, schools, and school systems through collaborative interactions. Since its inception, Purdue Science K-12 Outreach has reached more than 17,000 teachers and 740,000 students by traveling to Indiana schools with programs, laboratory equipment, and other activities aimed at the improvement of science and mathematics education.

Science K-12 Outreach Mission

The mission of Purdue Science K-12 Outreach is to support the application of science and mathematics education to address societal needs and to work towards the goal of a scientifically literate population. The primary activity of Purdue Science K-12 Outreach is engagement that disseminates knowledge and effective educational practices to the K-12 educational community. In support of these activities, the program engages in discovery to determine effective practices in science and mathematics education and learning to improve preparation of pre-service teachers and practicing teachers.

In its commitment to these activities, the Purdue Science K-12 Outreach program

  • Provides professional development for K-12 science and mathematics educators and facilitates events that develop scientifically literate students with enthusiasm for science and mathematics in the state of Indiana.
  • Works with Purdue University, professional organizations, institutions of higher education, and state and local governments to support scientific literacy and share knowledge and expertise with the community, state, and the nation.
  • Develops and facilitates programs which create opportunities for broader impact.