College of Science STAR Tasks

The following tasks must be completed no less than 10 days before your STAR day. 


Important Notice: 

Take this placement exam seriously. It will determine your math course for the fall and will have an impact on the science courses you will be eligible to take. Students may take the exam up to five times. ALEKS contains a tutorial program to assist students in preparing to take the test after the first attempt.  Once you enter the tutorial you will have six weeks of access to it.

Students in the College of Science typically take MA158, MA161/165 or MA 10610 in their first semester. Minimum qualifying scores for these courses are as follows: 

  • MA161/165: 85
  • MA 16010 (Biology majors): 75

Students must qualify to register for an approved Calculus I course to register for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics courses.