Approved courses in Great Issues in Science

(Fall 2007 and Later)

BIOL  48300 Environmental & Conservation Biology

BIOL 31200  (Formerly BIOL 39500) (effective Spring 2011) Great Issues: Genomics & Society

CHM 49000  (effective Spring 2011) History & Philosophy of Science: Synergies Among the Physical Sciences, the History and Philosophy of Science,and the Cognitive Sciences

CHM 49000  (approval Spring, 2013 only) Great Issues: Treating Disease with Chemistry

CNIT 49900  Seminar in Global Policy Issues

EAPS 30100 (3 credits) -- Oil -- (Fall 07, Spring 08, Fall 2010-current)

EAPS  37500 (previoulsy EAS 39100) (3 credits) -- Fossil Fuels, Energy and Society (Fall and Spring 2008 and Fall and Spring 2009, Spring 2010, Summer 2010, Fall 2010-current)

EAPS 32700 (formerly EAS 39100)/POL 42900 (effective Spring 2011) Climate, Science and Society

EAPS 39100D (may be EAPS 36200 in Spring 2016) -- Natural Hazards: Sci & Society

EAS 59100 Models in Climate Change Science & Policy

HONR 29900 Rise/Fall Of The American Empire

HONR 39900 Biotechnology: Social & Ethical Issues

MA 29700: Modern Mathematics in Science and Society

MA 39000  (temporary approval Spring 2012) Great Issues in Mathematics

ME 49200  Technology and Values

PHYS 31700 (previously PHYS 49000) Special Nuclear Materials

PHYS 49000 Sustainable Energy Sources (effective Fall, 2014)

SCI 36000 (previously SCI 49000)  (3 credits) -- Science and Society


Courses No Longer Eligible for Great Issues

OLS 58100:  Communicating Global Climate Change (Course no longer offered)

ABE 49500  Synthetic Life Honors (temporary Approval for Spring 2010)


Special Notice: Great Issues courses have been added to the approved course list for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Updated 1/25/16.  Further modifications possible by the College of Science Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee.